T1W4 (30 Jan 2013) Maths Lessons

Dear S1-02

Please note that there will be slight changes to your timetable for your Maths lessons on 30 January (Wednesday).

I am unable to turn up for the lesson, and therefore have swapped the lessons with your teachers.

Please remember to bring you learning material with you on 30 January 2013

  • 1015 to 1105: It will be Chinese Language instead of Maths - Please bring along your Chinese textbook and relevant materials for lesson tomorrow.
  • 1105 to 1155: It will be ADMT instead of Maths - In other words, you will have 3 periods of ADMT lessons, starting from 1105h till 1335h

The following will be Maths lesson instead:
  • 30 January Thursday (0855 - 0945): Maths instead of ADMT
  • 5 February Tuesday (1105 - 1155): Maths instead of Chinese Language

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