20130213 Homework

Things to do:

(1) Homework 2d
Based on the discussion of Homework 2d Q1(a) to Q1(d),
please re-look at what you have done for Homework 2d Q1(e) and Q1(f).

You are expected to hand in Homework 2d on Friday (15 Feb 2013).

(2) Notes Booklet
Attempt the questions on Four Operations of Rational Numbers at p28 to p29.
We shall discuss these questions on Friday (15 Feb 2013).

(3) Mathematics Workbook
The workbook is now available at the school bookshop.
Buy a copy if you have not done so.
Unit price: $10.15
Do not bring it to school until you are told to do so.

(4) Maths File
You should have updated the Content Page for the two topics by now.
Ensure that you have all the handouts filed in order.
You may leave the file at home (for revision of the Level Test)

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