Singapore Discovery Centre

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  1. You have picked out figures that are attractive/ useful to the reader:
    - The team-based Studio - since it's the largest - any info to support this 'claim'? Is it going to be an exact or approximated figure?
    - The entrance fee, and the age that is applicable.
    - The duration of multimedia show

    However, you have not included in your posting:
    - Which figures are exact, and which are approximated
    - URL of the info source is missing

    In terms of design,

    You have also inserted relevant images, an attempt to catch the reader's attention.

    Areas that can be improved:
    - Title of Location does not stand out though it's placed at the top.
    - More relevant graphics related to the items that you reported (e.g. Food, Plants)
    - Text can be larger
    - Photos can be larger, too, to reduce the 'white space'