Calculator - Approved Sticker

Students whose calculators do not have the approval sticker (e.g. you have a new calculator, which must be of the approved model)

  • Bring your calculator on Tuesday (30 April 2013).
  • Bring the calculator into the classroom for the very first paper (Mother Tongue/ Higher Mother Tongue paper, Paper 1) and leave it on the top left corner of the desk.
  • I will go around to stick the approval sticker on the calculator.
Should you have further enquiries, you may email to me.

Ms Loh KY

Homework 5A (Tier B) Q7 - Point to Ponder

In class, our discussion was...

We also discussed another approach that made use of the Special Product to solve the equation.

T2W6: Support Programme

Dear S1-02

As next week is the Common Test week, we'll not have any Support Programme.
However, I will be available after school at the following times that you can look for me at the staff room for consultation (call "419")
  • Monday 29 April: 12.30 pm till 3 pm
  • Tuesday 30 April: 12.45 pm till 2 pm
Alternatively, you may find me via GoogleChat or Facebook; or email your enquiries to me.

Algebra (Factorisation) Divide & Conquer: 4 Collections of Questions

Note that the 4 collections of questions have been posted in the Google+ space.

You may click at the LINK to access the page.
All are expected to visit the questions to check the working.
Click at each photo to view the working.

What matters:
You may not have ample time to attempt all the questions; you may go through the working actively thinking of how you would approach the questions.

Some of the working presentation have errors, and our objective is to try surfacing those errors to remind ourselves not to commit the same mistake again.

Revision Practices (Algebra) Expansion and Factorisation

Dear S1-02

7 Quizzes have been assigned as Practices for your revision.
While it is not a compulsory exercise, it would be a good indication of your mastery of the topic.

Revision for Common Test

Dear Students

For your common test preparation, you may wish to use the Sec 1 Exam Preparation Booklet for your revision.

Here are the past year papers & questions that you will find useful:
  • 2012 Level Test 2 (from p74 onwards)
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11 (omit Q12)
  • 2012 Level Test 3 (p84 onwards)
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q9, Q11 (omit Q8, Q10, Q12)
  • 2012 Level Test 4
    • Q1, Q2, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8(a)
  • 2012 Common Test
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q14
  • ANSWERS to the above papers are available at this GoogleSite: "Assessments: 2013 (S1) Assessment Matters" (left panel)
In addition, please familiarise with the instructions given at the cover page.
Remember: You must attempt all questions in INK.

Please refer to the Maths GoogleSite > Announcements for details of the Common Test that was published since 14 March 2013 (before the March vacation)

Summative Assessment (Algebra: Basic & Expansion): Error Analysis

Factorisation using Cross Method - Divide & Conquer


As a group, you will discuss and factorise the expressions that are assigned your group (for each collection).

Present your answers neatly on paper, fill up at least half a page.
On the sheet of paper, write down "Collection #1 Q1(a) by Group 1"

Put it up on the notice board at the back of the classroom.

Collection #1: Factorise the following

Group 1: (e)
Group 2: (f)
Group 3: (h)
Group 4: (i)

Collection #2: Factorise the following

Group 1: (g)
Group 2: (h)
Group 3: (i)
Group 4: (j)

Collection #3: Factorise the following

Group 1: (a)
Group 2: (b)
Group 3: (c)
Group 4: (d)

Collection #4: Factorise the following
Group 1: (a)(e)
Group 2: (b)(f)
Group 3: (c)(g)
Group 4: (d)(h)

Source: New Syllabus Mathematics 2 (6th Edition)

T1W3 Maths Support Programme

Dear S1-02

As the Maths Support Programme was postponed because the most of those involved were required to attend the briefing by Ms Camilla Lee yesterday (8 April) at the same slot.

As promised yesterday, I have re-scheduled the session:

Date: 10 April 2013
Time: 1335 to 1430h (immediately after school)
Venue: S1-02 classroom

AceLearning: Something's new!

From AceLearning:

AceLearning has launched the mobile apps that are ready for download in App Store and Google Play! 

The details can be found at the website:

Math Mastery!
The app allows you and your students to view our lessons, practice drills and reports.
App Store:!/id594756412?ls=1&mt=8
Google Play:

Math Exam Revision Kit
The app allows you and your students to view our exam preparation package.
App Store:
Google Play:

Factorisation using Cross Method

Watch the video clips in the playlist:
The series of clips shows examples of how we can factorise expressions 

Based on observation, are you able to describe the "procedure" clearly to someone who is new to this method?

20130402 Lesson - Maths lesson instead of Integrated Humanities

Dear S1-02

As communicated during the lesson, we will have Maths lesson instead of Integrated Humanities on Tuesday (2 April).

Please bring the necessary materials for lesson tomorrow.
We will be doing factorization.