Consultation & Support Programme during June Holidays

Dear S1-02

The June Holidays will be a good time for us to take a break from the hectic schedule (in 1st semester); on the other hand, it is also time for us to close the learning gaps surfaced because what we learn over time builds on the concepts taught in the past.

You are strongly advised to plan your time carefully so that you carry out some productive work while you unwind :)

(I) June Holidays Face-to-Face Support Programme
As such, time has been set aside in the first week of June Holidays for you to come back to revisit some of the topics we did in the 1st semester. You are strongly encouraged to turn up the sessions.

Date: 5 June 2013 (Wednesday)
Venue: Info Hub (Level 4)

Group 1
Time: 0800 h -1000 h
  1. Christian Brett Zheng Hao K
  2. Don Pasan Sanjula Hettige
  3. Hoh Shu Xian
  4. Joshua Ong Peng Yeow
  5. Lee Jun Jie Cornelius
  6. Maximilian Oh Yangzhi
Group 2
Time: 1030 h -1230 h
  1. Russell Koh Yi
  2. Ryan Yuen
  3. Tan Xue Yuan Jarrel
  4. Wong Kar Long Keagan
  5. Xavier Toh Ik Hann
  6. Yang Zong En Wynn
Let me know if you are unable to turn up for the session.
More details will come via email after Wednesday's SPM.

The above are also required to attempt a Remedial Worksheet, to be submitted when school reopens.
For others: You may also attempt the worksheet. The worked solution will be made available in the GoogleSite when school reopens.

(II) General Consultation

Just like any other time, you can reach me via various online channels (e.g. email, Facebook, GChat) during the school holidays if you need help or clarification of your work.

While I'll try to respond to your enquiries as soon as I could, do expect some delay as I will be overseas in Week 2 and Week 3 (10-22 June) during the school holidays.

Self-Directed Learning: Percentages

Dear Students

In Term 2 Week 8, two sets of materials on Percentages have been issued to you.

  • Softcopy of the handouts has been uploaded to the GoogleSite
  • Practices have been assigned to you via the AceLearning portal.
  • Written Homework has been assigned - to be submitted in Term 3 Week 1

This is a topic that you learnt in Primary School. 

Go through the hand-outs and attempt the exercises assigned before the school reopens in Term 3.
This is an examinable topic in the 2nd semester.