Let's Ponder (Discussion 2): Is the Change really Significant?

In the annual Town Council report, it reported the effort put in to improve the environment of the residents in the area it was in-charge of.

One aspect is the collection of refuse, which was a feedback by the residents.
The diagram shows the reported non-collections of refuse as a percentage of the total number of households in a town

Study the above diagram carefully.

1. Do you agree that the Town Council has made significant improvement? Why?

2. With reference to the visual representation, point out at least 2 areas that need improvement.
- Why do you think these 2 areas require improvement
- Suggest how to improve the representation.

Remember to include your Group number before submitting the comment.


  1. 1)The intervals on the X axis is not constant
    2)The image should not be resized but should have multiple image stacked above each other

  2. 1.
    a)The days in between each recording is not constant.
    b)They should make it constant

    a)The size of the dustbins are different.
    b)They should make it the same.

    Group 2

  3. In a pictogram, the size should be the same and the numbers can be different.
    It does not have a legend.

  4. Group 4: The icon used should be resized to make the reading more accurate. The intervals in between the months should be the same

  5. 1. No. The pictogram is not done correctly in the first place.
    2. The size of the bin is not constant
    2. The x axis is not constant

  6. size of dustbins should be constant
    the months should be the same

  7. 1) Yes, because the overall is around the world and that is a big scale.

    2) The units and interval . The unit should be constant and the interval in-between should be the same

  8. 1. No as the different in percentage of properties not collected is too small.
    2. The picture is not accurate and we do not know how to read it.
    The different in months is different and not consistent.

  9. 1. No. The percentage is very low. It is even less than 1% per change.
    2ai) It is not constant for the years.
    2aii) We do not know where is the exact place to measure with the dustbin.
    2b)Make sure the dustbin is the same.

    Group 3

  10. 1)no,the recording interval difference is only by 0.10%
    2)size of dustbin is not the same
    x axis is different

    Stack the picture of the dustbin
    make the x axis the same

  11. 1.)The days of the months that they recorded should be the same

    2.)The dustbins should have stacked together instead of increasing or decreasing in size

  12. 1) No. The pictogram was not drawn correctly.
    2) The size of the bins are not the same.
    3)The X axis intervals between the months are not the same.

  13. 1.The intervals on X axis is not constant.
    2.The size of the dustbins are different

  14. 1. No cause the percentages collected is too less.
    2. It is not constant.
    . Make it the same.
    Group 1

  15. 1.) No as the difference collected is very little.
    2.) The difference is inconsistent and are inaccurate.

  16. Group4 :
    The Town Council has not make significant improvement because the percentage of properties not collected has only decrease by about 0.1%.
    The intervals between each picture is not consistent and the image should be resized to the same size and be stacked on each other instead of comparing with the size.