(Additional Practice) Linear Graphs Plotting

Some of you have expressed that you want to have more practice on Graph Plotting (for the topic: Functions and Linear Graphs), and you are not able to find such practice questions in the Exam Prep Booklet.

A handout has been created with 4 more questions.
You may use this as a practice.
They are available in the GoogleSite, under the class page:

Scroll down to the folder: 
 Chap 08 Functions and Linear Graphs

Then look for the file:
8 Functions and Linear Graphs - Additional Practice (Plotting of Graphs).pdf

The answers will be up on Monday/ Tuesday.

End-of-Year Exam: Mathematics

Things to bring:
  1. Calculator with approved sticker
  2. Construction set (which includes protractor and compass)
  3. Writing Materials (including sharp pencil, eraser and ruler)
Topics included:
1. Primes, HCF and LCM
2. Real numbers
3. Basic algebra and manipulation
4. Linear equations and inequalities
5. Factorisation 
6. Statistical Data Handling
7. Percentage
8. Rate, ratio and speed
9. Functions & Linear Graphs
10. Direct Proportion
11. Number patterns
12. Basic Geometry
13. Triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons
14. Geometrical Construction
15. Perimeter and area of plane figures
16. Estimation & Approximation

Linearly Challenged

1. Name the equation of each line
2. Enter your answers in the form below

Drawing Linear Graphs: Class Work 1

Handouts p14: Look at the graph carefully.
Can you tell... What's missing from this graph?

Drawing Linear Graphs: Class Work 2

Handouts p14:
Read this graph carefully.
Are you able to identify the SCALE used in this graph?
Enter your response in the comments.

Understanding and Establishing Relationships

Handout p11: Activity 1

Can you tell what's missing in this graph?

Drawing Linear Graphs

Handouts p13: Activity 1

Spot the "error" in the following

What kind of Functions are they?


Source: http://scenariothinking.org/wiki/index.php/File:World-Population-Growth-2050.jpg

Source: http://www.files.chem.vt.edu/chem-ed/simulations/info-exponential-decays.html

Source: http://scec.usc.edu/internships/useit/eqbasicinfo

Source: http://www.taxisingapore.com/taxi-fare/

Source: http://www.singpost.com/send-documentparcel/postage-rates.html

Revision (1) Ratio, Rate & Speed (2) Data Handling

Please note that 2 Quizzes (from Ace Learning) have been assigned.
They serve as revision exercise for the upcoming level test.

You are strongly encouraged to revise your work (Notes) before attempting the questions.
Calculator is allowed. 

You could re-attempt the Quiz (if necessary) once after the first round. 
Your score will be consolidated and it will contribute to group point.
To qualify for group point, you have to attempt the quizzes before the Level Test.

Graph Mole

Read the "Introduction" to find out the context and the "how-to" of the game before "playing the game" to challenge yourself!
It's a "combination" of knowledge and speed! Enjoy!
Link: http://funbasedlearning.com/algebra/graphing/points/

Stock the Shelves!

Link: Stock the Shelves (http://www.mrnussbaum.com/stockshelves1.htm)

Homework Submission: Data Handling

Here's the status of submission up to 4 August 2013 (Sunday).
As your level test is around the corner, it would be advisable for you to submit the unmarked work by 7 August (Wednesday) in my pigeonhole before 12 noon.

An Introduction - Functions & Linear Graphs

Dear S1-02

This week, we are embarking on a new topic, Functions & Linear Graphs

Prior to the lesson, here are 2 games for you to 'warm up':

(A) Catch the Fly!

Click at the LINK to access the site:

(B) Catch the Cockroaches using ...
Click at the LINK to access the site.