Preparation for next lesson

Dear S1-02

Please take a look at the following questions (and if you could, attempt them):

If y is directly proportional to x and y = 8 and x = 5,
(a) find the equation connecting x and y
(b) sketch the graph representing the relationship
(c) find the value of y when x = 10

The expenses, E, at a tea party, is directly proportional to the number of guests, N present. The expenses for 40 guests was found to be $320. Find
(a) the equation connecting E and N
(b) the expenses of 120 guests
(c) the number of guests if the expenses is $720
(d) the cost per person

1 comment:

  1. 1.(a) y=1.6x

    2.(a) E=8N
    (b) $960
    (c) 90 guests
    (d) $8